Technology Applications for Customer Service Enhancements - Manitoba Customer Contact Association

Technology Applications for Customer Service Enhancements

MCCA Elective Course

Dates: TBA

Course name:
Technology Applications for Customer Service Enhancement

Course Hours:
36 hours

Course Description:
This course will explain the fundamentals of contact centre technology, and explore ways current technology might evolve. It examines different methods of obtaining this technology, and outlines how to protect the contact centre through disaster planning. Understanding contact centre technology is an important step to providing better service to customers. Having technical knowledge of the contact centre environment is a considerable advantage when few employees really understand the technology they are working with.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Assess the company’s technology needs; 
  • Understand how contact centre technology has changed over the years to where it is now; 
  • Calculate the contact centre requirements from a traffic engineering perspective; 
  • Predict how new technological advancements will impact the contact centres; 
  • Develop policies and procedures to protect the contact centre from disasters and technical hackers.

Manitoba Customer Contact Association:

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October 5, 2022