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Skills for Managing Customer Service Performance 

MCCA Elective Course

Course Hours:

36 hours

Course Description:

Skills for Managing Customer Service Performance will ensure that you have the tools required to create a healthy environment and manage the ongoing performance of your team. Learn to communicate expectations effectively, resolve conflicts and coach for performance.  This course includes managing the termination of employees should this become a necessity.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Maintain a healthy environment to maximize investment in employees by being proactive; 
  • Communicate expectations to employees and hold them accountable; 
  • Use methods to diagnose the root cause of poor performance; 
  • Implement  conflict resolution strategies to address performance issues; 
  • Communicate with purpose to maintain a positive and productive work environment; 
  • Use SMART goals to coach for performance improvement; 
  • Complete necessary documentation from verbal warning to termination; 
  • Define the legal aspects of termination.

Manitoba Customer Contact Association:

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Manitoba Customer Contact Association
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University of Manitoba:

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