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WHO WE ARE .......

MCCA is an industry association comprised of companies and organizations associated with the customer contact service sector.

Understanding the needs of our growing Industry allows us to offer valuable training to agents, supervisors, and management for organizations of all sizes as well as create profitable networking opportunities.

Our Goals:

  • An increasing number of members are engaged, recognized and enriched by the partnership with MCCA and each other.
  • An Industry that is thriving through professional development capacity building strategies.
  • Establish and maintain strategic partnerships with sector partners and other like-minded groups.

Our investment promise to you is to:

  • Focus on long term issues and strategic vision
  • Deliver programming to support employee development
  • Facilitate partnerships that support attraction to the industry
  • Promote the industry as one offering rewarding careers
  • Commit to ensuring long-term sustainability

What we do:

  • Promote the development and sustainability of a growing, healthy and dynamic industry
  • Provide access to current and innovative “best practices”
  • Deliver meaningful high quality training, including industry certification
  • Share knowledge about industry information, trends and challenges
  • Present opportunities for partnering networking and showcasing services and/or products
  • Recognize excellence within the contact centre industry
  • Enhance the industry’s profile and public perception

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