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Leadership Skills for Customer Service Managers

MCCA Elective Course

Course Hours:

36 hours

Course Description:

Develop innovative, effective and inspiring business leadership practices with Leadership Skills for Customer Service Managers. This course increases your communication, performance management, and trust building skills whether you are a seasoned supervisor or preparing for a leadership role. Look for strategies to develop your career path and be better equipped to make informed business decisions while building credibility with your teams.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Define the impact of  various leadership styles; 
  • Use effective leadership styles to build trust and inspire others; 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of emotional intelligence;
  • Define self-control, adaptability, empathy and positive communication skills; 
  • Incorporate new time management practices; prioritizing tasks;
  • Explain and implement the delegation process including selecting tasks and overcoming barriers to delegation;
  • Conduct phases of performance management including setting expectations while providing ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Recognize signs of engagement, disengagement and select strategies for increasing employee engagement;
  • Assess and adapt to varying communication styles;
  • Use empowering questions and strategic communication.

Manitoba Customer Contact Association:

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University of Manitoba:

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