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Webinar - The Responsibility Assignment Matrix

2022 Webinars

You asked –

What is the future of customer service?

The future of customer service will not only push customers online, but it'll move service reps there, too. Rather than being confined to call centers, service reps will have more tools to work remotely. They'll field customer inquiries from the comfort of their homes, instead of having to work in an office setting.

How can customer service be improved? We have done our research and we are offering webinars that align with building strong customer connections, providing tools to agents for business success, and focusing on agent qualities: professionalism, patience, and people-first attitudes.

MCCA offers monthly webinars on a variety of topics of interest to professionals working within the Canadian Customer Contact sector. Do you have the current tools in your leadership toolkit to be successful today and for the future?

And we have answered -

Join our monthly webinars from the comfort of your work or home office and access key lessons fast. Each webinar is 1 hour in length and will provide you with tools and techniques that can be applied to your current role as a customer service professional.

Together, we will learn, grow, and succeed!



September 14 –

The Responsibility Assignment Matrix

It can be challenging to keep assignments clear which is why a tool like The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) is used by project managers.  This system matches the deliverables with the people who are responsible for them.  Every piece of the project becomes clear when using a RAM including who, what, and when.  Join us for the session that will help build clarity when working with others by using a system that works for you.

October 12 –

Self Care

Many of us have heard the old adage that we are to “Put your own oxygen mask on first” in cases of airplane emergencies.  We know the power of self care, but what are we actually doing about it? Serving others can be emotionally and physically exhausting.  Join us as we look at better ways to take care of ourselves while recognizing barriers we may face in putting ourselves first.

November 16 –

Problem Solving

Albert Einstein said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” In this session, we create opportunities to explore real life problems and help develop an action plan to see it through.

December 14 –

Elevated Communication

Help build trust in our organization through elevated communication techniques. Create clarity for internal and external customers, discover the power of questioning techniques, analyze various barriers to effective communication and explore the crucial component of body language.


Individual Member pricing:

  • $29 - per webinar
  • $250 – attend all 12 webinars

Individual Non-member pricing:

  • $49 – per webinar

Member Group Pricing:

Is your team looking for a group pricing structure to attend our 2022 Webinar series?

  • Attend all 12 webinars for a group member pricing of $1750. Your group size should not exceed 10 team members per webinar.
  • Attend 6 webinars for a group member pricing of $1250. Your group size should not exceed 10 team members per webinar.

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