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Webinars on Wednesdays 2021 Schedule

The second and last Wednesday of every month from 10:00 am - 11:00 am

October 13 - The 4 Practices of Fish Philosophy

The 4 practices of FISH Philosophy come to us from the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.  Here a group of fishmongers learned how to increase teamwork while having fun and making their customers’ day.  This session reviews each of the 4 practices which have created positive shifts in organizations all over the world. It’s not just about throwing fish it is engaging our internal and external customers while making a difference.

October 27 - The Power and Practice of Civility

Civility is more than just etiquette and manners.  Civility touches on social radar and awareness as well as the power of effective communication.  With civility in your workplace you could see an increase of retention, engagement and profitability.  This session takes a look at how we can invite more civil practices and encourage a healthier work environment through the power and practice of civility.

November 10 - Overview of Train the Trainer

Many organizations are capturing the value of continuous learning in the workplace.  Our Train the Trainer series offers specific instruction on adult learning, various learning styles, how to create lessons as well as identifying learning gaps in your organization.  Join us for this overview of MCCA’s train the trainer course and see how it could help improve learning in your organization.

November 24 - The Agile Leader

It doesn’t take a pandemic to help you understand the importance of agility when it comes to change.  As leaders we are always anticipating the next change in our organizations.  This session looks at the qualities of an agile leader including adaptability – the ability to change or be changed to fit new circumstances. We will also note how this fits in with emotionally intelligent leaders.

December 8 - Creating a Professional Development Plan

It's hard to carve out time for professional learning and yet we know it keeps us current and relevant.  We are often trying to jam in nuggets of learning around a daily commute, our everyday work, household chores, and, of course, precious time with friends and family.

No one wants to be left behind or miss out on opportunities for responsibilities or promotions. In this session we talk about why dedicating this time for learning is so important and look at strategies for creating your professional development plan.


Previous 2021 Topics

January 13 - How to Make "High-Quality Connections" - Creating an Energetic Workplace

High-quality connections can increase your engagement with others as well as open your mind to learning and self-improvement. When you interact with people using respectful engagement and trust, you can create a supportive workplace environment that gives everyone the opportunity to live up to their potential while and being more productive and empowered.

This session will focus on behaviours to help improve the quality of your connections by being present and authentic.

January 27 - Introduction to 7 Sacred Teachings - Guiding Leadership Principles

This webinar introduces our 8 module course on The 7 Sacred Teachings from Indigenous teachings. This series is designed for leaders with a focus on incorporating Indigenous values through the 7 Sacred Teachings.  We respectfully and reverently share these sacred teachings in the hopes of increasing awareness about the culture as well as acknowledging the power that comes from these principles. 

February 10 - Empathy at Work - Developing Skills to Understand Other People

All good leaders know that to get the most from their teams they must lead with empathy.  This session takes a look at how building a foundation of empathy in the workplace will help us be more trusted and caring as leaders. We look at empathy from three difference lenses: Cognitive, Emotional and Compassionate Empathy and how to take action using curiosity and authenticity. 

February 24 - Respect in Building Trust

Respect is the foundation of humane and ethical behavior, and mutual respect underpins good relationships. To have respect for a person involves a fundamental belief in their right to exist, to be heard, and to have the same opportunities as everyone else.  Trust and respect are closely tied.  To develop speed in the workplace we must be willing to trust our team beginning with extending respect.  This session reveals what it means to build respect in our teams and how we can increase our awareness of trust as a leader.

March 10 - Stress Busters

And breathe.

This session looks at how training your body to relax during situations you have no control over will help you feel more grounded. Busting stress means managing your time more effectively as well as adjusting your thinking while developing your support network.  

March 31 - Teams vs Groups - How to Create a Team Centered Environment

Remember logic problems in school like “all lions are cats but not all cats are lions?”  The same is true for teams and groups.  All teams are groups but not all groups are teams.  This session explores the characteristics of both groups and teams and helps identify which you are working in.  Plus, tips on how to become a more effective team while increasing trust in the workplace.

April 14 - Leadership in Hard Times - Leading and Succeeding in a Downturn

When times are good, leading a company or a team is exciting. Resources are plentiful, customers are satisfied, and opportunity is everywhere. However, when the economic conditions are challenging, this excitement and positive energy can weaken. People feel the pressures of work, and they fear for their jobs. This session helps us understand to not abandon our people but to use this time to reinforce how important they are, and build the skills they need to help the company survive.

April 28 - Civility at Work

Combining social radar and savvy communication will help us lead out with civility at work.  This session introduces the foundations of civility while combining the characteristics needed to develop our leadership skills.  We will look at what it takes to increase civility in the workplace and the real quantifiable power of boosting Civility at Work.

May 12 - Authentic Leadership - Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow

Ethics, power, communication are just some of the traits it takes to be an authentic leader.  Most people want to know that the work they do makes a difference in the world.  This session opens the concepts of authentic leadership and why we should care about becoming a leader people will want to follow.

May 26 - Boost Your Social IQ

You may have heard it said that your IQ will get you the interview and your Social IQ will get you the job.  Developing Social IQ is one of the greatest qualities of any trustworthy leader.  Boosting your Social IQ will allow you to be more effective in handling challenging situations, growing trust in your teams and lead with quiet dignity.  This session looks at how you can boost your Social IQ and have better communication in your workplace, volunteer capacities, communities and homes.

June 9 - Supporting Your People - Helping Team Members Achieve

According to Rodd Wagner and James Harter, researchers at Gallup and authors of the 2006 book "12: The Elements of Great Managing," providing your people with the right tools, resources, and equipment is the most important thing you can do to keep them happy and effective. This session looks at how to make sure our teams have the support and enablement they need to do their jobs well.  We know that happy employees make happy customers.

June 30 - Effective Decision Making

Every day we are making all sorts of decisions; some with long lasting consequences. This session looks at how to increase our ability to make more effective decisions… well.  Often we are making decisions based off of symptoms of the problem and fail to find the root of the issue. Here we will look beyond the obvious, learn to seek alternatives and evaluate the plan.

July 14 - Action Centered Leadership - The Three Circles Model

Task. Team. Individual.

It can be hard to step back and think about your full range of responsibilities, and to consider the specific actions that you need to take to achieve your goals.  This session is dedicated to The Action Centered Leadership™ model to help make leadership a little easier. It identifies three key areas that leaders need to focus on, and offers a framework for keeping them in balance. 

July 28 - The Seven Transformations of Leadership - Developing Your Leadership Style

Successful leaders know that developing their leadership skills on an ongoing basis helps them handle increasingly challenging situations. To quote Michelangelo, at age 87, “I’m still learning.” Realizing the need for continuous improvement will help us aim for our full potential. In this webinar we will look at the seven leadership transformations and discuss how you can move through each stage.

August 11 - What's Empathy Got to Do With It?

Empathy has everything to do with it!  Bruna Martinuzzi says “While empathy is a right brain activity, it is far from being a touchy-feely topic. At its core, empathy is the oil that keeps relationships running smoothly.”

Empathy allows us to sharpen trust, give insights into what others may be experiencing and helps us to understand how or why others react to situations and in turn can help us inform our decisions.  This session looks at the power of leading with empathy not matter our position in life or the workplace. 

August 25 - Avoiding Groupthink - Fatal Flaws in Group Decision Making

Have you ever thought about speaking up in a meeting and then decided against it because you did not want to appear unsupportive of the group's efforts?  Ignoring groupthink may lead us to poorer decisions, lack of analyzation and less informed decisions. The webinar looks at how to spot and identify the symptoms of groupthink while encouraging feedback from our teams.

September 8 - Email Etiquette - Beyond the Basics

Have you ever experienced miscommunication through email?  The very thing designed to make our lives easier can sometimes be the cause of much grief.  This session looks at the power of effective email communication with tools to become a better online communicator.  We reach past the reply all to help elevate your email writing.  Get your email noticed – for the right reasons!

September 29 - Executive Presence - Building Belief in Your Leadership

Doesn’t it seem that successful people are born with a magic touch?  The truth is executive presence is something that anyone can master.  In this webinar we look at how you can increase your presence while boosting credibility and others’ belief in your leadership through how you speak, act and present yourself. 

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