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The Purpose Driven, Values Based Organization: After Covid ….

What if you could build a Culture of Personal Accountability that transforms lives and business performance? What if there was a way to create a team culture that engages even our toughest critics; our millennials but also prepares us for the generation right behind them? Tap into the practical tools and proven technique of our globally recognized Transforming Culture Process.

We take each client on a journey of understanding how Values when managed and understood properly will guide Behaviour. How behaviour of everyone (especially the leadership team- guiding light) creates the Culture of an organization. And how culture predicts and dictates Performance.

Why it Matters:

  • Culture is driven by Behaviors
  • Behaviors are modeled by Leaders – employees are watching and learning from Leaders every moment of the day
  • Behaviors are driven by Values 

Creating a culture grounded in accountability, full circle feedback, honesty and high performance requires a strategic process that unfolds over time. Creating a strategic roadmap is important.

This session provides:

  • the background, fundamentals, and science that supports the process
  • an overview of the process with clear tools and techniques that will arm you with what you need to make educated decisions regarding whether your organizations is ready to become a Value Based and Purpose Driven Organization.

Your presenters:

Michael Thompson BBA, ACC, HeartMath and Brain Based Coaching Certified. Managing Director North America

Michael is a senior Leadership Consultant and Coach with over 15 years experience working directly with clients in Canada, USA and Europe. 

Michael has a passion for assisting leaders in identifying stressors in the workplace. With solid science and heighten intuition Michael assist them in overcoming, building resiliency and thriving in times of change.

He will encourage vigorous conversation, heighten listening and an attitude of seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

Yvonne Thompson, MA, CPHR, SHRM-SCP Founder and Managing Director Britain and Europe

Yvonne has a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University and has been leading transformation in organizations for over 30 years. She is passionate about transforming the leadership role and the creation of Purpose Driven, Values Based cultures that are life changing for the individual leader, their team and their organization.

When she is not leading the efforts in Britain and Europe she is a professional speaker and author of 3 books. 

What senior leaders have said:  

“I love Yvonne’s work, passion, energy and philosophy. I would recommend her programs with no hesitation. It has been fundamental to my personal and professional growth and shift in happiness. I learned key tools from Yvonne that I continue to use for myself and my team.”

Michelle Periera, VP Marketing and Communications, Habitat for Humanity Manitoba

“I was blown away by Yvonne’s presentation- she was a breath of fresh air and the highlight of the whole conference. I loved the way she was able to take concepts and recent findings in New World science and other fields and make them accessible and applicable. I have been able to use this information in my daily life at work and at home.  I would highly recommend her work.”

Richelle Starke, MTL AKINS LAW

Fee: $50 for partners | $100 for future partners


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