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Skills for Managing Customer Service Performance

Skills for Managing Customer Service Performance

In this 36 hour course, students will focus on the key skills for effectively managing customer service professionals through change, challenges and successes.

Participants will learn to define what employees need to be successful, how to set and communicate clear expectations, and link corporate goals to employee goals.

Course Description:

Skills for Managing Customer Service Performance will ensure you have the tools required to create a healthy environment and manage the ongoing performance of your team. This course includes managing the termination of employees should this become a necessity.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Maintain a healthy environment to maximize investment in employees by being proactive 
  • Communicate expectations to employees and hold them accountable 
  • Use methods to diagnose the root cause of poor performance
  • Implement conflict resolution strategies to address performance issues
  • Communicate with purpose to maintain a positive and productive work environment 
  • Complete necessary documentation from verbal warning to termination
  • Define the legal aspects of termination

Date: September 5 – November 7

Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

(Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings at 1000 Waverley Street)

Registration Fees:

  • CAM: Skills for Managing Customer Service Performance Course - $620
  • Course materials (mandatory manual) - $80

To register for this course contact [email protected]

The Certificate in Applied Management (CAM) was designed to provide individuals in various work environments with the opportunity to combine management studies with applications relevant to their own careers.

Core Courses

  • MGGMT 0100 Canadian Business: An Introduction
  • LDRS 0540 The Art and Practice of Team Leadership
  • MGMT 0520 Excellence in Communication

To learn more about the U of M's core courses and how to apply to the program click this link.

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