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Project Management

Project Management

How To Manage A Project From Start To Finish

You don’t have to be a project manager to be “doing” project management. Whether you’re a freelancer, an in-house manager, or someone who’s just stepped into a manager’s role, learning about the basics of project management will help you manage your work better.

Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders

Dates: May 16, 23, 31 and June 7

Time for all sessions: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Location: 1000 Waverley Street

Registration Fees:

Members: $650

Non-Members: $950

To register for this course contact [email protected]

Course Content:

Session 1


·         Come with a project goal to work on

Bring Data on:

·          # of team members

·         End date required

·         Software to be used for planning and tracking

·         Supervisory support to be provided

·         Frequency of reporting of progress and to whom


·         10 rules of successful project management

·         Objectives for the project

·         Activities planned and required

·         Clarity on relationships during the project – team, supervisor, manager

Take away:  Project plan to include schedule for team member activities, reporting periods with supervisors/managers/direct reports

Session 2

Bring back:         

·         Project plan with schedule, team activities, reporting periods


·         What worked

·         Where did issues arise

·         Solutions?

Managing the project:

·         Develop team

·         Reinforce progress

·         Address areas of concern, solutions

·         Information sharing

Take Away:        

·         Plan to develop the team

·         Schedule to reinforce progress

·         Solution sessions

Session 3


·         Plans to vitalize the team

·         Celebrate successes

·         Empowering team members

Take away:         

·         Schedule changes needed to build in team vitalization activities

·         1/1 time with each team member

·         Schedule celebrations of successes

·         Plan actions to empower team members

Session 4


·         Risk-taking – define, explore, review of consequences

·         Assessment of progress

·         Review of progress reports with leaders, supervisors, managers

·         Adjourning project steps

·         Evaluation of project goal, objectives, results

Facilitation by Coaching Links Inc in partnership with MCCA.

Lila Larson:

Lila Larson is an experienced speaker, trainer, coach, facilitator and mentor. She has successfully worked with private business, large corporations, colleges and universities, health care and governmental agencies in both profit and non-profit sectors across Canada. She has found that when people choose to seek and acknowledge their skills and abilities, they can achieve their dreams and goals. Her work in the IT industry has brought about beneficial changes in leadership focus and contributions to the success of the organization.

In addition, Lila is the Author of Small Business, Big Growth; 50 Tips to Get Clear, Get Focused and Get Better Results. Lila is co-author of You’re never too old to Dream, Dare and Dance and Expert Women Who Speak, Speak Out. Further, she is the creator of the “Up until NOW” approach to change that allows you to begin anew right NOW!

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