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Manitoba Customer Contact presents

leadHERship 2022 - imagine, ignite, inspire

Women from diverse industries, backgrounds and causes join together to share their thoughts around leadership, influence, and how they impact the greater community.

It’s an exciting and inspiring time for women; more than ever, women are striving to be stronger, more confident, and reach higher goals, both personally and professionally.

We garner insights from attendees on the challenges they face in today’s world, the confidence every woman should have, and future career growth.

The event provides an invaluable opportunity to listen to industry leaders as they share best practices and insights to help women in leadership roles become more effective leaders and be on top of their game.

Join us at this in-person event. Learn, connect & reconnect, and have fun. Everyone is welcome!

Date and Time:

October 5, 2022 | 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Canad Inns Destination - Fort Garry | 1824 Pembina Hwy | Winnipeg, MB | R3T 2G2


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Speakers and Sessions

Join us as we hear from thought leaders whose innovation and convergence with customer service is leading change on local and international scale.
We have a fantastic line-up of speakers and great opportunities to meet peers and grow your network. You don't want to miss it! 

Inspiration Stations - 

Women: Propelling Forward

The pandemic exposed many hard truths around the inequities and exclusion faced by women (across many intersectionalities). In this interactive session, led by DEI practitioner, Neetu Sidhu, we’ll talk about those hard truths and their impact. We’ll then co-create how we build and propel forward for the greater good of women, our organizations, our families and society at large. A key aspect of propelling forward is women supporting other women, which will be a primary focal point within the discussion. Session is open to humans of all gender identities.

Neetu Sidhu (She/Her) has been an equity and inclusion leader in Canada, the United States and India for the past 15 years. As a social entrepreneur, her strengths lie at the intersection of purposeful profit, leveraging strategy, business and technology to drive positive social change. Neetu has collaborated with global stakeholders to develop strategies, implement programs and scale initiatives, fostering greater inclusion across the technology, banking, education, fashion and social sectors.

The Psychology of Leadership: The Key to Unlocking and Unblocking Your Teams Potential

Sheri will introduce you to the hidden gems that make good leaders great and already great leaders unstoppable during transition, crisis, or unexpected change. Once completed, you will be able to-

  • Recognize the unique emotional, behavioral, professional reactions of members of your team during change/crisis that impede professional performance
  • Quickly identify and effectively manage individual stress reactions that undermine team dynamics and stall progress
  • Implement strategies that will minimize unhelpful reactions of team members and effectively capitalize on individual and team strengths to expedite desired outcomes
  • Capitalize on the unique (and irreplaceable) qualities women in leadership bring to team & workplace dynamics

With almost 2 decades of experience, Sheri Coburn has an exceptional understanding and skill set in the areas of improving mental and workplace wellness. Sheri is a contributing author of two published books; Counselling Insights and Counselling in Relationships.

Her detailed understanding of human behavior and relationships gives her a unique understanding of leadership both through the lens of the leader and through the lens of the team and its members. Sheri understands that every leadership dynamic involves a series of relational exchanges and common reactions. With an increased understanding of these exchanges and reactions, leaders can have greater influence on motivating their team members towards identifiable progress and success indicators.

Her expertise is recognized both nationally and internationally in her role as a workshop developer and professional trainer in the areas of Mental Health & Leadership where she has provided inspirational keynotes, educational workshops, and professional certifications to thousands of professionals across the globe.    

Her shared knowledge and experience will help leaders capitalize on that influence and ignite and inspire motivation in both themselves and their teams.

Leading with Empathy and Humanizing the Digital Customer Service Experience

Thanks to the pandemic, customers have become comfortable interacting with virtual assistants, self-serve tools, and having conversations in digital customer service channels like social, live chat, and text messaging.  These digital experiences can be highly transactional and robotic.  It’s up to your employees to build human connections by bringing warmth and empathy to the forefront of their digital conversations.   In this session, we’ll explore how brands are prioritizing empathy in customer service and how your employees can leverage the power of language to create a highly conversational experience in a digital world.

Danielle Kovac is an award-winning customer service executive with 20+ years in the customer service industry. As a customer experience strategist, Danielle creates a vision that inspires others to work collaboratively and ultimately deliver exceptional business results. She has a reputation for being a “hands-on” leader who continually challenges the status quo, evolving underperforming functions into high performing, customer-centric teams.

Danielle’s superpower is inspiration. She likes to dream big, believes in possibilities, and won’t settle for mediocrity. While working at one of Canada’s largest telcos Danielle developed her expertise and industry knowledge in the digital customer service space, creating a digital customer care experience that garnered global recognition.

Her greatest inspiration are her children and sees being mom as her most important role. When she’s not building business-changing strategies, you’ll find her cheering on her daughters either in the forest at a bike race or in a hockey arena. As an outdoor enthusiast she enjoys hiking, snowshoeing and running.

Danielle’s Mantra: Great things never came from comfort zones. 

Embracing the Digital Momentum to Supercharge the Customer Experience

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation at rapid speed, “we have covered a ‘decade in days’ in adoption of digital” according to McKinsey.  Join us to learn more about the impact on the customer service ecosystem and how brands are harnessing new digital customer behaviours to amplify their customer support through growing their digital customer service capabilities. We’ll also do a deep dive into the world of social media for customer service.  Get ready to embrace the next normal with insights to help you identify the right experience for your customers.

Margaret Tsuji is a thought partner, master collaborator, and dot connector. She’s an award-winning customer service leader with experience in strategic planning, marketing, facilitation, and customer service at some of Canada’s largest companies in the telecommunications, technology and retail sectors. She’s known for building high performing teams and setting new standards for organizational excellence through world class customer service.

Margaret is also a leadership coach. She’s an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and is also a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators. Her super power is asking curious questions and shining a spotlight on client challenges, enabling them to find clarity and take action.

While she loves L2D and coaching, her most important job is mom to her two boys. Her proudest accomplishment so far (other than her kids) is demolishing and rebuilding a small kitchen in her first home in just two weeks.

Margaret’s Mantra: Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Gratitude and Values-based Goal Setting

Discovering what your values are increases your understanding of who you are, what you hold dear, and what underlies your decisions, since your values reflect what is important to you. 

The link between gratitude and your values pave the way to understanding what motivates you and how that impacts your decision making as you set goals - professionally and personally so that you make a difference in the lives of others through connections and being of service.

Join this adventure to discovery!

Lila Larson is an intuitive, deep listener who hears not only what is being said, and what is not being said. Her clients often tell her “I heard your voice in my head as I was deciding what to do or not to do”.

She is the Founder of the “Up Until Now” philosophy.

Lila’s experience as a Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach has supported thousands of leaders as they built their skills and applied them in leading productive and high functioning teams. The focus on bottom line results for their teams and their organization has been achieved with vision, wisdom and fun.

Creating a More Compassionate Lens

In Creating a More Compassionate Lens, we will use examples from emotional intelligence and behavioural assessments to breakdown patterns of conflict and shine additional light on why adapting to others can be difficult. We will share a process for contrasting certain patterns of thinking as a mechanism for reducing stress, improving relationships, and cascading greater influence.

Michael Thompson is Leadership Coach and Consultant and is President of Change Innovators North America. He has a business degree, is certified in behavioural and emotional assessment tools, is a Heart Math Certified Trainer, and a Professional Certified Coach.

Change Innovators is an international leadership development company. Their 12-month New World Leadership Program takes teams and individuals on a journey of understanding their own unique leadership style. Learning how to create cultures of accountability in ways meaningful and authentic to their organization and purpose.

Event Leaders


Kevin Shaw - MCCA Board of Directors Chair

Kevin serves as Board Chair for Manitoba Customer Contact Association. He has enjoyed a 29 year career in Financial Services with RBC Royal Bank. He is currently the Sr Director of the RBC Contact Centre Credit/Home Financing and leads a national team of 600 Credit Advisors and leaders across Canada.  

Kerry Mealey Holmes - MCCA Corporate Trainer

Kerry is passionate about people and customer service.  You’ll find her developing and leading training sessions with a friendly and spirited style.  She has earned a reputation for delivering training that changes how people think, how they interact, and how they work. Communication and building trust are pillars to a happy and engaged workforce.  Kerry knows that happy employees, means happy customers and believes in creating a dynamic workplace, with enthusiasm, and finding fresh training opportunities for our members.

Bruce Rose - MCCA Executive Director

Passion may not be everything required to provide phenomenal customer service but it certainly is a good place to start. A positive attitude and a passion for customers is the first step in achieving success. In his current role as Executive Director, Bruce strives to inspire an Industry towards creating authentic caring customer and employee experiences. Bruce and his team are dedicated to: excellence through education, leadership with integrity, and community professionalism.

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