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How to build a culture driven team.

How to build a culture driven team. Presented by Dan Smitley

We've all had those people that looked amazing on paper. Their resume is *chef's kiss*, their experience is exactly what you're looking for, and their answers in the interview are great! But then they join your team, and it just doesn't work. Whether you're building a team from scratch or filling in some gaps, finding the right people is hard! Throw in the latest "Great" (resignation/reshuffle/reassessment) and it can feel impossible to find the right people for your team.

Join Dan Smitley as he talks through his personal experience of growing his team x5 in 3 months. Why he focused more on someone's curiosity than their experience and how someone feels in chaos is more telling than what they do in chaos. You'll also walk away with key questions you can take back to your interviewing process to implement in your organization.

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