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Building Better Supervisors - Day 1

Building Better Supervisors

What you will Learn?

Coaching Workers to Peak Performance: Understand the attributes of being an effective coach. Learn to establish performance benchmarks and the necessary supports that will help employees succeed.

Decision Making: Examine the criteria for delegating decision making responsibilities and determine the degree to which others should be involved in decision making.

Introduction to Effective Communication: Learn how to articulate in an accurate and concise manner and how to identify the elements in the communication process.

Facilitating Teamwork: Learn how to define the characteristics of a team and the benefit of creating cohesive teams. Learn the stages of team development and a three-stage process to resolve conflicts.

Problem Solving: Learn to articulate the importance of knowing how to solve problems and use tools and strategies to solve workplace issues.

Qualities of an Effective Supervisor: Identify the key skills and attributes of an effective supervisor and assess your strengths and areas that require development.

What you will Gain.

  • A defined process for coaching employees to peak performance
  • The ability to draw on the diversity among team members to enhance results
  • Tools and methods to solve workplace problems
  • Strategies to support employees through the phases of change
  • Approaches for enhancing employee engagement
  • Increased productivity through the use of various task management techniques

Dates: September 6, 8, 20, 22

Time for all sessions: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm | in-class delivery

Registration Fees:

Members: $650

Non-Members: $950


Attending our workshops gives you:

  • Tools and techniques to be more efficient and effective in your current and future roles.
  • New and upgraded skills, best practices, and strategies you can begin to use the minute you get back to your workplace.
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness.
  • Up-to-date trends and developments in the workplace.
  • Fresh ideas and insights gained from networking with other like-minded professionals across Canada.

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