2023 MCCA Annual General Meeting - Manitoba Customer Contact Association

2023 MCCA Annual General Meeting

2023 MCCA Annual General Meeting – Save the Date!

June 20, 2023 - 5:00 pm


Pinnacle Club - IG Field

315 Chancellor Matheson Road

Winnipeg, MB  R3T 1Z2


  • Networking - food and drinks
  • Call to Order
  • Welcome Messages – Kevin Shaw, MCCA Chair and Bruce Rose, MCCA Executive Director
  • Approval of Meeting Agenda
  • Approval of June 21, 2022 Meeting Minutes
  • Annual Report Presentation
  • Board Nomination Announcement
  • Closing Remarks

*Pre-registration for this event is required. 


Creating Customer Happiness with AI:


We understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences that keep your customers coming back.

Explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can help you maximize customer happiness. We will look at how intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) can provide a more engaging, human, and flexible experience and discuss the impact that emerging large language models are having on AI programs. 


What you'll learn:

  •  How AI can be leveraged to improve agent/employee engagement
  •  How increasing agent engagement and happiness creates greater customer loyalty
  •  How AI and automation are changing the game for workforce optimization solutions
  •  The impact of emerging large language models
  •  How to prepare your data and ensure a strong foundation for AI initiatives


Chris Theriault

Senior Director, Customer Engagement | Online Business Systems

Chris works closely within the Customer Engagement team, contributing to sales efforts and leading the successful delivery of Client projects since 2021. As the Senior Director and Principal Consultant of Online's Customer Engagement practice, Chris is passionate about great customer service and providing solutions to today's ever-evolving Contact Centres to meet enterprise service needs. Chris resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Mark Struck

Principal Consultant | Online Business Systems

Mark Struck is an experienced Actuary and Analytics Leader with a strong focus on risk management, capital modelling, data management, data visualization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. He is an experienced innovator who has designed and implemented analytical systems that help businesses extract value from their data. Overall, Mark has a proven track record of success in driving business growth. Mark resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Call For Board of Director Nominations - Is this the LEADERSHIP opportunity for you?

Manitoba Customer Contact Association (MCCA) is seeking 2 individuals for Board nomination who possess the skills, experience and values needed for MCCA to continue to grow and succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex Industry.

In addition, MCCA is looking for 1 non‑voting member of the Board, whom shall be a representative of the Vendor Members. The non‑voting member shall have all the rights and obligations of a voting Director of the Board, including the right to receive notice and participate in meetings of the Board, except both the right to vote on any matter to be decided by the Board and the right to be appointed an officer of MCCA.

Benefits of Serving as a Board of Director:

  • Experience a greater return on your membership investment. By getting involved you will meet more people and learn new things;
  • Gain experience in a new area: there are opportunities to gain volunteer experience and skills that are different to your workplace experience;
  • Develop leadership skills: being a volunteer leader will give you the opportunity to work with committees and gain leadership skills that will benefit your career;
  • Opportunities to attend leadership events that focus on education and networking with other leaders;
  • Create business relationships with individuals you might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet or work with;
  • Meet new Industry colleagues;
  • Enhance your organization’s ROI of your MCCA membership with recognition at functions, identification of your role & organization on MCCA website;
  • Have direct involvement in setting MCCA strategic direction.

Do you have any of the following qualifications?  

  • Ability and eagerness to deal with values, vision and the long term
  • Capacity for big picture, future-oriented thinking
  • Appreciate the difference between governance and management
  • Ability to work as a disciplined, high-performance, trustworthy and ethical team
  • Have knowledge about the services to members and vision/goals of the association
  • Be able to actively participate in open and careful deliberation on all matters
  • Have a willingness to invest in others, inspiring confidence and enthusiasm
  • Have support from his/her employer and colleagues regarding the time commitment required for Board service

Successful Board members will govern MCCA to promote the development and sustainability of a growing, healthy, and dynamic Industry.  We have an Executive Director who manages a professional staff team, an annual operating budget, Directors and Officers Liability insurance, and we use a Policy Governance® system of governing. We meet as a Board a minimum of 6 times per year at times convenient to the majority of the Board members (typically in June, Sept, Oct, Jan, Feb, & Mar).  


  • Chad Stott, MCCA Director
  • Crystal Silva, MCCA Director
  • Bruce Rose, MCCA Executive Director

Deadline for applications: May 31, 2023


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