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What is a call centre like? - A poem

When all the lines are busy and wrap ups to the max
There are no more agents free and work’s pouring from the fax
“It must be nearly lunchtime” – I hear one agent say
“I must have taken my share of calls, already, so far, today.”

Regardless of the volume, you must remain polite
Remember the customer still senses your mood even though you’re out of sight
Remember verbal nods and smile throughout each call
Be aware of your tone of voice and pace
Your calls are monitored after all!

But when you ask the question “what is a call centre like?”
It’s at times an uphill struggle on a long enduring hike
The lines are always busy, and you must remain logged in
The noise levels can rise quite quickly, and the calls keep rolling in

But please don’t underestimate the important role we play
Delivering excellent customer service each and every day

So next time you phone a call centre remember – We are people, too
And we do understand the importance of what our customer service means to you.

By Michelle Aidley