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Working for eCom guarantees a career that caters to internal promotions and business incentives. We pride ourselves on being a fast growing company which never loses sight of our Mom and Pop roots.

After being founded in August 2013, eCom Customer Care has taken leaps and bounds to better ourselves in the telecommunications industry. We understand that our company would not be where it is today without the hard work of each and every one of our employees.

Whether you're experienced with Live Chat, inbound calls and email correspondence with clientele or, you've never worked in the field of telecommunications before, eCom is the right fit for you!

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As an employee of eCom Customer Care, you can look forward to:

  • Small training classes - so new employees can develop a sense of comfortability and confidence in their work.
  • EcoPass - discounted monthly transit passes.
  • Health and dental benefits available!
  • BiWeekly Bonus - Biweekly incentive for being on time and present for all shifts.
  • A consistent schedule - we understand our employees have a life, and we want to make scheduling as easy as possible for you!
  • Internal promotions - we want to reward those who strive to make our business better, after all, who knows a company better than it's employees?
  • Direct deposit - you'll never have to worry about cashing a paycheck again
  • Staff BBQ's and Potlucks - we like to show our employees appreciation, and isn't the best way to anyone's heart free food?!