Customer Service Week - Oct 5 to 9 - Manitoba Customer Contact Association

Customer Service Week - Oct 5 to 9

Great customer service is a powerful tool for any company, especially in today's challenging business environment. In fact, beyond the quality of the product or service being sold, it may be the single most critical influencer for brand loyalty, buying behavior and future business opportunities.

So when Customer Service Week comes around every October, take note: It’s not only morale-boosting but also good business for you to recognize it. Use the opportunity to show some appreciation to your workers who interact with customers on the front line, from receptionists to call center representatives, customer service managers, member services representatives and enrollment specialists.


Boost morale and teamwork;
Reward employees for the significant work they do;
Raise awareness of the value of customer service;
Thank other departments for their support; and
Remind those who buy your products or use your services of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.


Start the Week with a Breakfast – Have a kickoff breakfast. Maybe this could be done virtually through Skip the Dishes?

Play “Trading Spaces” – It’s a great exercise that an organization can do to communicate the value of the front-line customer service and support reps (or anyone on the front line) is to have executives take over their positions for a time, or at least spend some time on the phones listening in on the conversations. By the way, this is an excellent exercise that should be practiced throughout the year.

Dress Up Day – Maybe it’s a casual day – or let employees come up with a theme that includes colors or uniforms. Maybe they dress in the attire of their favorite sports teams. The key is to have fun with it.

Internal Recognition and Rewards – It’s always motivational for employees to be recognized for their accomplishments. Consider a town hall meeting and use it as an opportunity to celebrate the success of the organization.

External Recognition – Consider taking the celebration outside of the company. Let your customers know about some of the people “behind the scenes” who deliver the service and support they need.

The Power of the Pen – Executives and managers can take time to pen handwritten notes to employees. Many employees keep these notes. This type of recognition is personal, meaningful and gives the employees a sense of pride about who they work for.

The Power of the Pen Part Two – The power of the handwritten note is not exclusive to leaders and managers. Provide a blank thank-you card to every employee and ask each of them to write a note to another fellow employee. This is peer-to-peer recognition and appreciation.

Have a Charitable Fundraiser – While this is a year-round idea, doing something special during CSW as part of your “Giving Back” program is always a fun and meaningful activity. It’s a rallying point for employees and makes the statement, “Yes, our business is important, but life is more important.”

Bring in an Outside Speaker – show that you care with some professional development opportunities for your team. Learn, grow and succeed!

Recognize Your Customers – Even though we want to focus on employees, it’s still okay to shine the spotlight on your customers, too. After all, it is called Customer Service Week!

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