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Manitoba Customer Contact Industry - LMI May 2019

As of June 2018, there were approximately 890 businesses in Manitoba (increase from 842 in December 2017) that provide customer contact services employing a workforce of around 30,000 individuals. The ... continue reading.

Accessibility News - Spring 2019

On behalf of Yutta Fricke Executive Director Disabilities Issues Office (DIO) Greetings: Many thanks to all the organizations and associations that agreed to help the Disabilities Issues Office reach their networks with the attached ... continue reading.

Accessible Employment Standard, The Accessibility for Manitobans Act

On behalf of Jay Rodgers Deputy Minister of Families and Director of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act Province of Manitoba Dear Sir/Madam: In 2013, the Manitoba Government committed to making Manitoba more accessible for ... continue reading.

Canada Manitoba Job Grant Spring 2019

Manitoba is now accepting applications for the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant for training delivered between April 2019 and March 2020. The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant is an employer-driven approach to help ... continue reading.


Is this the LEADERSHIP opportunity for you? Manitoba Customer Contact Association (MCCA) is seeking 5 individuals for Board nomination who possess the skills, experience and values needed for MCCA to continue ... continue reading.


Request for committee volunteers Manitoba Customer Contact Association is looking for industry volunteers to help review our current MECCA Awards program. Since 1999, Manitoba Customer Contact Association (MCCA) has celebrated the Manitoba ... continue reading.

Branding for 2019

You may have noticed that we recently gave our brand a gentle face lift. We’re excited to finally unveil our updated look, and we want to tell you all about ... continue reading.


I was out and about doing some last-minute Christmas shopping at a local mall.  Not to my surprise, the mall was full of last-minute shoppers trying their best to finish ... continue reading.

What is a call centre like? - A poem

When all the lines are busy and wrap ups to the max There are no more agents free and work’s pouring from the fax “It must be nearly lunchtime” – ... continue reading.

MECCA 2018

... continue reading.

CAA "Delivers" on Customer Service

By Sheri Banville Bell MTS - Manager Facilities Assignment MCCA - Board of Directors      I arrived home from work one day and walked to the mailbox per my usual routine.  In the ... continue reading.

And Then There Was Tyler

By Carmen Ferris MCCA - Manager, Education & Development    You may be asking yourself, who is Tyler? Let me tell you a story about Tyler and how he saved my son’s ... continue reading.

The Value of Understanding Your Customer

By Susan Simcic Celero - Manager, Technical Support & Communications MCCA - Vice Chair, Board of Directors     I have not enjoyed grocery shopping for some time now. My mother doesn’t drive; now ... continue reading.

Sara Riel needs your help!

We are asking community business owners, recruiters, managers and trainers to take part in this brief anonymous survey to get an idea of the climate of mental health in the workplace ... continue reading.

Canada-Manitoba Job Grant

The intake of applications for the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant is now open. The intake is for training delivered between September 2018 and March 2019. The application intake closes on September 14, 2018. Find ... continue reading.


October 5, 2022