CAA "Delivers" on Customer Service - Manitoba Customer Contact Association

CAA "Delivers" on Customer Service

By Sheri Banville 
Bell MTS - Manager Facilities Assignment 
MCCA - Board of Directors     

I arrived home from work one day and walked to the mailbox per my usual routine.  In the mail was a reminder to my husband to renew our CAA membership for the upcoming year.  I had forgotten to call CAA to let them know that my husband has passed away in March.  The next day, I called CAA and explained the situation; that my husband had passed away in March, I forgot to advise them and would I be able to transfer the existing membership into my name and renew.

The representative I spoke to was outstanding! He was so nice and was extremely efficient in handling my request.  I left the call feeling confident that everything was resolved with my CAA membership.

Moving on with my busy life, I put CAA out of my mind; until a few days later when I received a card in the mail from them.  It was handwritten and it said:

“It is with heartfelt condolences to you and your family on the loss of your loved one.  May the memories you cherish bring you comfort in the days ahead.”

Tears came to my eyes and then a smile came to my face; because I realized that CAA’s culture, and training of its employees focused on three important aspects of customer service, listening, empathy and acknowledgement.