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Because, we're here to help.

Over 36,000+ people work in customer service operations in Manitoba, either in front line positions or as part of a back-office support team.

With an estimated 80% of people now working from home, it is more important than ever to focus on the wellbeing and resilience of staff.

MCCA Leadership Bootcamp is a program designed to support both front-line and back office teams during today's challenging times.

Topics include:

  • Creating your employee recovery plan for a new BAU
  • Motivating and engaging remote teams
  • Dealing with irate and challenging customers
  • Practicalities, pitfalls and opportunities of remote working
  • Build mental resilience to thrive right now
  • Maintain wellbeing while working during a time of change and uncertainty
  • Identify your leadership purpose to enable you and your team to thrive
  • Gratitude and values-based goalsetting

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