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9 Important Contact Center Industry Standards

9 Important Contact Center Industry Standards

We often talk about how to create an ideal customer experience (CX) to drive satisfaction and retention. But how do you know what is ideal for your customers? How do you measure success, specifically against contact center industry standards?

Although these questions are common, every company has different standards of success depending on their customer base and their industry. But contact center industry standards can help provide a benchmark for two key areas: response times and agent efficiency contact center metrics.

The benchmarks for the popular contact center metrics below can be used to help set your team goals, but be careful not to use them as a basis for comparing or criticizing. It’s also important to take your customer feedback into consideration to create the right CX strategy for your organization.

Benchmarks for response times expectations by channel

There is no shortage of contact center metrics that teams use to measure their success, but we have focused on three of the most common metrics for contact center performance.

Benchmarks for Contact Center Agent Efficiency Metrics

The information presented above is sourced by: Emplifi - the leading Unified CX Platform.

If your call center metrics vary from these findings please share your standards directly with MCCA at [email protected]

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