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Administrative Professionals

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The role of an administrative support professional has evolved significantly over the past 20+ years. Today, there are hundreds of job titles that qualify as administrative support. In today’s business environment, the position is an extension of the executive team as tasks become more automated and admins are more efficient than ever. Admins are business partners to the executive, executives, departments, and companies they support. They are often one of the few employees in a company who knows the entire business and is expected to understand how the company’s unique business system works.


Admins are partners in business who connect strategy, outcomes, and tactics through their partnerships and relational currency.

Admins lead projects, tactics, people, and strategies, taking ownership and responsibility for business outcomes alongside the executives and departments they support.

Admins are truly masters of making things happen; they don’t see problems, they see solutions. They create efficiencies and ensure each and every detail has been examined and is in perfect order.

Admins speak on behalf of executives and teams which means they learn the voice, cadence, style, and preferences of those they support.

Admins provide a sounding board for those they support. They provide insight that executives and team leads can’t see themselves because admins are connected to the business in such a unique and multifaceted way.


Companies are just now beginning to discover the full potential of the position, so there is often room to grow the position to its full potential with you in the driver’s seat. Many use the admin position to jump start their career. It’s a great stepping stone position to learn a lot about business and then determine where you fit best.

But it’s also an excellent career choice. There’s room for growth within the role, so if you’re looking to move into management this profession can offer great paths for that too.

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By attending a workshop, you can expect to gain:

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  • New and upgraded skills, best practices, and strategies that you can begin to use the minute you get back to your office and share with your colleagues.
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness.
  • Up-to-date trends and developments in the workplace.
  • Fresh ideas and insights gained from networking with other like-minded professionals across Canada.

Training Topics:

Our PROGRAMS have been created with flexibility in mind. We recognize that in today’s workplace one size does not fit all. That’s why we have developed sessions that can be adapted to best suit your workplace requirements -

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  • Webcast
  • Webinar
  • Lunch & Learn

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