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Effective Emails - January

Have you noticed that in this great epoch of technology and communication we are lacking communication and especially etiquette?  Learn tips and tricks on how to get what you need from your email conversations.  We provide the essential rules for more effective communication in your emails and texts.  “Are your elbows on the table?”

Qualities of an Effective Leader - February

In this webinar, we take a look at the qualities that make a great leader.  Research shows that integrity is one of the top things employees want from a leader.  Learn how to better support your team and build their trust while looking to the future.

How Culture Relates to Performance and Results - March

If you don’t have the right corporate culture in place, you won’t achieve your performance goals – no matter how much time and money you spend.  Join us as we discuss the importance of culture and how it relates to performance and results.

3Ms - Change, Performance and Time Management - April

This webinar is a blended approach of performance, change, and time management.  See how you and your team can improve organizational effectiveness with the 3M’s.

Leadership Styles - May

Building on Qualities of an Effective Leader, this webinar takes a closer look at different leadership styles.  We will address situational leadership in team development and provide an opportunity for you to assess your style!

Employee Enablement - June

Take employee engagement to the next level!  Some organizations will focus on employee engagement without giving emphasis to employee enablement.   Develop your team by empowering them with the right tools and opportunities to deliver quality results.  This webinar talks about the ‘how’ with Employee Enablement.

Being Present at Work - July

As leaders we may be concerned with absenteeism.  Have you considered “presenteeism” to be just as alarming?  “Presenteeism” happens when our team member is physically in their seat but not engaged.  We explore strategies to help us stay present at work despite the ongoing distractions we face and how we can recognize those who need to be re-engaged.

Exploring Culture and Diversity - August

“When employees respect each other and get along in the workplace, it’s amazing how productivity increases, morale increases and employees are more courteous to customers.” – Maureen Wild.

Take a look at what culture and diversity mean and how creating a corporate climate of respect and understanding can improve your bottom line.

Vision, Mission and Values - September

Every company has vision, mission and values statements.  Learn how to connect these statements with your role while helping your team understand their vital part in the success of your organization. 

Creating a Healthy Work Environment - October

We know that happy employees make happy customers!  A healthy workplace environment increases productivity and morale while reducing costs related to absenteeism and turnover.  In this session we take a look a workplace culture, physical environment and occupational health and how these contribute to the wellness of your team.

Turning Around Undesirable Behaviour - Novemeber

Bad behaviour at work can be costly to the company as well as the other team members.  Learn to identify, prevent and release toxic workplace behaviours.  See how you can take undesirable situations and turn them in to learning opportunities.

Achieving Better Customer Service - December

It’s isn’t always WHAT we do that sets us apart when it comes to customer service but HOW we do it.  Learn how to ramp up your customer service skills as we explore different types of customers and how to reach them while minimizing objections.

Building Trust

Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust.  Building trust in your organization will allow you to see higher productivity while lowering costs.  Examine the power of trust with your employees and customers in this webinar.

Change Management

Nobody is perfectly suited to dealing with change, however understanding that change is a matter of perspective can help teams sail smoothly through transformations.  In this bite sized session we cover why change happens, how to help team members move through change as well as understanding 7 key traits of transitioning.

Coaching and Feedback

There is power in feedback! Here we discuss how to give praise and corrective feedback. “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” ~ Bill Gates


In this bite size session, we explore the effectiveness of delegation.  Understanding the key concepts of delegation, and how to get past the fear factor, will help propel your leadership capabilities.  We’ll discuss how empowerment and trust will take your delegation skills to the next level while defining the process of lending power.

Effective Communication

We know that high trust organizations have lower costs and higher productivity.  In order to build trust we need effective communication.  Expressing our wants, feelings, and opinions is just one part of communication; using active listening skills is another.  Learn how to be a savvy communicator while empowering the people in your organization.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and social awareness are keys to a cohesive work environment.  Explore the power of empathy in this webinar, and how to use emotional intelligence with our internal and external customers. “Empathy is… seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.” ~ Alfred Adler

Facilitation Skills

One of the most important set of skills for team leaders, managers, trainers, indeed anyone who has a need to present information or host a meeting, are facilitation skills. These are the "process" skills we use to guide and direct key parts of our work with groups of people.  

Navigating Conflict

Join us for this two-part tour of conflict solutions; learn your conflict style, and how to adopt solutions using emotional intelligence. In the first session, we will explore how understanding where conflict begins helps us come to solutions plus valuable tips on how to navigate turbulent times. In the second session, we will bridge communication, emotional intelligence, & conflict resolution while finding practical solutions to workplace conflict.

Platinum Rule

Most of us were taught the Golden Rule when we were young which states we should “Treat others the way we want to be treated”.  The only problem is that we don’t all want to be treated the same.  The Platinum Rule helps us to understand different communication styles so we can take our conversation to a higher level. 

Problem Solving: Six Hats Thinking

Problem solving starts with defining what the problem is and isn’t.  Using the Six Hats Thinking, we look at dividing the thinking into six clear roles.  Each hat represents a different way of thinking which provides an opportunity to look at a problem from these six different ways.  In this way we get a more holistic look at problem solving and often find that we are able to see the problem in a new light.

Scary Customers 

Often when we deal with difficult people we end up only seeing our own perspective.  Learning how to approach people and difficult situations with curiosity can help us find smoother interactions.  In this bite sized session, we’ll also explore how to separate behaviour from character with the people we find difficult.

Time Management

Learn effective strategies for managing yourself better.  Understand the importance or priorities and structuring your tasks lists according with what is urgent and important.  Time management, it’s not just about time.

Working in Teams

Examine the value of teamwork vs working groups in this webinar and explore understand the stages of team development. “Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we.” ~ Anonymous

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