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Certificate in Applied Management: Customer Service Specialization

MCCA, in cooperation with the University of Manitoba - Extended Education, offers a program tailored specifically to individuals looking to further the development of their customer service management skills and knowledge. The program is offered in class and online and provides a pathway for the continuation of professional studies. 

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Customer Service Professional Training

Customer Service Professional Training provides participants with a firm foundation in the standards and strategies for success within the customer service/customer enhancement industry. This 2 day course promotes self-reflection on existing behaviours and outlines best practices and strategies for customer service based communication, including tactics for both handling and understanding difficult customers.  

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Lunch and Learn

Each session is between 30-45 minutes and explores helpful topics in a fun atmosphere.  Just bring your lunch and sink your teeth into one of our à la carte themes.

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MCCA is developing online webinars to better serve the needs of our members and beyond. Check out the list of program available.

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Fishy Business

Dive in with us and swim your way to higher retention and improved customer service excellence through an innovative training opportunity to assist you in unleashing the power of your team! Learn how trust, awareness, attitude and recognition all play a part in empowering you to bring your team together and work as a more cohesive unit! It’s not about being the lone fish, but about learning to swim together!

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Train the Trainer

Are your trainers achieving the desired results? Adults have different learning expectations. This course explores the fundamentals of adult learning to help develop your understanding of how to create training programs that allow the adult learner to be successful and further enhance their training skills.

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Building Better Supervisors

Building Better Supervisors targets individuals who have either recently become supervisors or are targeted to become supervisors, and also serves as a great refresher for seasoned supervisors. Participants will develop an understanding of the attributes of an effective coach and processes for coaching employees to peak performance, while learning to establish performance benchmarks and the necessary supports that will help employees be clear about what is expected.

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Building Better Leaders

Building Better Leaders training is designed to develop innovative, effective and inspiring business leadership. The coursework examines how key leadership skills and behaviours impact employees, customers and organizational results. Learn how to use leadership behaviour to build trust and begin crafting your leadership vision to inspire others.

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Maximizing Your Investment

Maximizing Your Investment training outlines best practices for creating both a healthy organizational environment and coaching dynamic that will help keep your employees happy, and ensure you see a return on investment. The coursework covers setting SMART goals, creating development plans and strategic responses to employees who aren't meeting expectations

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Customized Training

MCCA continues to provide customized training solutions in response to member needs. We have coordinated the development and delivery of customized training sessions for members and non-members alike. MCCA has a variety of on demand training options available for delivery or we can develop training based on your specific needs.


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"As our company has grown, the importance of customer service becomes more evident each day.  As a newer company in the industry, we strive to grow beyond where we are, to reach higher, so we turned to MCCA to help develop our skills further than what we could have achieved with only internal training.  They developed a program designed specifically for us and our service, which falls outside of a normal customer/agent relationship.  We often get testimonials from people we have assisted, and continue to see growth in our business.  We enjoy the relationship we’ve built with MCCA and look forward to working with them for many years to come!"

- Lindsay Torres, Scootaround - Executive Assistant