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Certificate in Applied Management

MCCA, in cooperation with the University of Manitoba - Extended Education, offers a program tailored specifically to individuals looking to further the development of their customer service management skills and knowledge. The program is offered in class and online and provides a pathway for the continuation of professional studies. 

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Human Resources Development

The first step to achieve your professional goals is to clarify what professional success means to you. Our Human Resource trainings provide you with the knowledge and skills to leverage a reflecting, thinking, and planning process, and create a personal development plan to accelerate your individual career goals.

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Customer Service Professional

Customer Service Professional Training provides participants with a firm foundation in the standards and strategies for success within the customer service/customer enhancement industry. This 2 day course promotes self-reflection on existing behaviours and outlines best practices and strategies for customer service based communication, including tactics for both handling and understanding difficult customers.  

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The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) Standard on customer service is now law in Manitoba. Along with other requirements, this law requires that by November 1, 2018, all businesses and organizations must train all employees and volunteers.

MCCA has a certified trainer to provide Accessible Customer Service training. 

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Leadership Development

We believe that Leadership Development empowers and expands the capacity of individuals creating alignment and grows the capabilities of others.  Within our courses you will find the tools to identify and apply your talents, strengths, and competencies while creating a personal action plan for professional success.  Learn how to evaluate skills, strengths and aptitudes of the talent in your organization while facilitating the execution of your company’s vision and goals.

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Employee Engagement 

We know that the key to happy customers is happy employees.  Creating employee engagement in your organization is the key to the retention of your customers and the success of your business.  Discover our many training options that will develop your team professionally and keep them engaged.  

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Lunch & Learn

Employee engagement is key to a happy work life! Our Lunch and Learn sessions allow your team to take bite size chunks out of some sweet subjects. Each session is between 30-45 minutes and explores helpful topics in a fun atmosphere. Our trainers bring this engaging spin on professional development to your staff in the comfort of your office. Brown bag it and sink your teeth into one of our juicy à la carte themes.

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Our webinars allow you to participant in a variety of industry and leadership specific topics in the comfort of your office chair.  With timely topics, professional presentation, and compelling conversations you will be developing your support network and assembling some powerful tools for professional success.

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à la Carte

When it comes to training, sometimes you just need it in bite size pieces!  Our a la carte training allows you to personalize your training.  Explore our vast array of topics and feel free to stack a few sessions together to create a “double decker” package.  The best part is that you are building your own program in alignment with the goals and vision of your organization.  

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Customized Training

MCCA continues to provide customized training solutions in response to member needs. We have coordinated the development and delivery of customized training sessions for members and non-members alike. MCCA has a variety of on demand training options available for delivery or we can develop training based on your specific needs.


Explore your training options today!

"As our company has grown, the importance of customer service becomes more evident each day. As a newer company in the industry, we strive to grow beyond where we are, to reach higher, so we turned to MCCA to help develop our skills further than what we could have achieved with only internal training. They developed a program designed specifically for us and our service, which falls outside of a normal customer/agent relationship. We often get testimonials from people we have assisted, and continue to see growth in our business. We enjoy the relationship we’ve built with MCCA and look forward to working with them for many years to come!"

- Lindsay Torres, Scootaround - Executive Assistant