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Maximizing Your Investment

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

The best way to maximize your investment and avoid problems is to be proactive. This means setting up routines that will ensure your employees know their expectations and are held accountable to meet those expectations. We will look at best practices for maintaining a healthy environment, and provide tips, tools and resources for participants to use in the workplace.

Diagnosing the Issues
How do you figure out what the issue is? What causes poor performance? We will look at common causes of poor performance and methods to help diagnose the root cause of the issue. We will spend time in this module discussing conflict and its role in performance issues.

Communicating with Purpose
What role does communication have in helping keep a work environment positive and productive? Beyond the basics of active listening, we will look at how leaders can ensure that they avoid some common communication pitfalls that lead to misunderstandings in the workplace.

Coaching for Performance Improvement
When employees are not meeting expectations, they need their leaders to help guide them to success. We will look at setting SMART goals, creating development plans, using coaching forms and a defining a process or holding “the meeting”.

Crossing Your “T”s
What happens when you have exhausted all avenues, and you have to go to the next step – corrective action. Always mindful of the fact that we still want to help the employee be successful, we will address proper documentation and the steps from verbal warning to termination.

Dotting Your “I’s.
The legal aspects of termination.

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