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Leadership Development

We believe that Leadership Development empowers and expands the capacity of individuals creating alignment and grows the capabilities of others.  Within our courses you will find the tools to identify and apply your talents, strengths, and competencies while creating a personal action plan for professional success.  Learn how to evaluate skills, strengths and aptitudes of the talent in your organization while facilitating the execution of your company’s vision and goals.

Building Better Supervisors

Building Better Supervisors targets individuals who have either recently become supervisors or are targeted to become supervisors, and also serves as a great refresher for seasoned supervisors. Participants will develop an understanding of the attributes of an effective coach and processes for coaching employees to peak performance, while learning to establish performance benchmarks and the necessary supports that will help employees be clear about what is expected.

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Building Better Leaders

Building Better Leaders training is designed to develop innovative, effective and inspiring business leadership. The coursework examines how key leadership skills and behaviours impact employees, customers and organizational results. Learn how to use leadership behaviour to build trust and begin crafting your leadership vision to inspire others.

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Women In Leadership

Our Women in Leadership series is designed to provide direct strategies to become more compelling leaders. The goals of this series include being better prepared to provide effective communication, receive and deliver feedback through connecting and correcting, sharpen instincts for empathy and social awareness, and lead in the face of conflict and adaptive capacity.

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