Mastermind - Session Six - Manitoba Customer Contact Association

Mastermind - Session Six

Mastermind is a new training concept for Manitoba Customer Contact Association.  

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About the Trainer

Sandra Hoskins
Founder and CEO, The Kellan Group Inc.
Founding Partner, The John Maxwell Team

Passionate, Dynamic, Exceptional, 
Knowledgeable, Funny, Storyteller


Sandra Hoskins is a speaker, mentor, educator, consultant, and published author.

Her vision is “to empower others to create a thriving environment so that they can change their world one person at a time”. Every person that Sandra meets contributes to her ability to maintain and grow her vision. She believes that if she can impact one person, they have the potential to impact at least 10 others. By enrolling one person at a time in her vision, she believes that we can collectively change the world.

Sandra believes that a 360-degree life is based on the value of lifelong learning, the simplicity of leadership, the consistent practice of life management skills and spending time with family and friends.

While Sandra learned her initial leadership skills in largely male dominated industries, she actively seeks to learn from every leader that she meets. These leaders have contributed to a rather eclectic leadership and mentoring style. She has learned both the upsides and pitfalls of decisions made by people who didn’t trust their team or themselves.

Sandra has a black belt in curriculum development. She has developed and published more than 600 courses, raising the bar in quality in the material that is developed for students and organizations.

Sandra’s presentations are entertaining and informative by blending lively discussion about modern examples with fun case studies resulting in a session packed with information you can implement immediately. Her expertise, wisdom, humor and insight into the practical application of the management skills make Sandra a highly sought-after speaker for keynote addresses, seminars, conferences and workshops.

Sandra is the Founder and CEO of The Kellan Group of Companies, which includes a management consulting firm, an online e-publishing company, a technology specialty firm and a private college. Sandra is also an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology.

Sandra has been described as a joy to work with, a remarkable educator, a passionate speaker, top-notch in her field, and is sought out as a collaborator in education and a partner in project management.

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