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BUILDING YOUR SUCCESS TEAM - create a plan for you and your team to be outrageously successful together

LeadHERs are found in all industries. Join us as our diverse panel of women share their experiences and how they have inspired transformation within their teams and industries.

Our morning discussions will focus on your core genius and assessing what skills you want to enhance as a team leader/supervisor/manager as you build your success team. 

Discussion topics:

  • Do you think you're leading your team? What if no one is following you?
  • What is your core genius? What are you responsible for in your role?
  • What skills do you need to build your success team? What does it take for you to lead a team instead of merely ordering them around?
  • How do you redefine your time as a team leader/supervisor/manager?
  • How do you assess your team's health and build your team to be outstanding?
  • How do you assess your contribution as a team leader/supervisor/manager?


  • Self assessment 
  • Team health check
  • Team plan for success
  • Personal plan for team building success

The day is highly interactive applying your results to the plan you will leave with at the end of the session. Enjoy this fun journey filled with self-reflection, discussions and networking.

MANITOBA CUSTOMER CONTACT ASSOCIATION - building a community of leaders

leadHERship - delivering programs that bring women together to collaborate in the development of their leadership skills and create positive change in the future of women's leadership.


leadHERship supports inclusivity and welcomes all genders to attend and participate.


Lila Larson

Author of Small Business BIG GROWTH has been instrumental in identifying what small, medium and large business owners need to do to bring CLARITY, FOCUS and RESULTS in their businesses. As business owners identify what beliefs, behaviors and patterns prevent them from achieving the desired results in their businesses and lives, their success grows in leaps and bounds.

Lila gained her experience in management, leadership, sales, marketing, training, consulting, coaching and mentoring over a period of 35 years in small, medium and large businesses. She is a skilled facilitator and has an uncanny ability to see the whole picture as well as the details that make up the big picture.  

Whether coaching and advising senior business executives, entrepreneurs or small business owners, she has found that when small changes in beliefs, values and communication occur, immediate results from being “just good” to having BIG GROWTH are created.

Lila has been an integral part of Jack Canfield’s teams for his Breakthrough to Success seminars, and his Train the Trainer leadership trainings over the past 23 years providing leadership and coaching within the teams and with the attendees.

Guest Speakers

Pina Romolo

Co-Founder and President & CEO of Piccola Cucina Inc., a company she shares with her mother.  Piccola Cucina is an Italian specialty food manufacturer specializing in almond based creations that are free from gluten, dairy, grains, soy, corn & yeast.  Products are also low in sodium, vegetarian and Kosher certified.  Established in 2009 and headquartered in Winnipeg; Piccola Cucina’s products are now available across Canada.

Pina started her career with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in MB, and has held various managerial roles across different industries in Corporate Canada but has always been an entrepreneur and foodie at heart.  This entrepreneurial spirit propelled her into her current role of chief strategist & business developer, specialty food producer, brand creator, marketer & manager of Piccola Cucina.

Under Pina’s leadership, Piccola Cucina was a finalist in the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s small business award in 2015, was listed in Food in Canada magazine’s Top 10 Food and Beverage Companies to watch in Canada in 2015 and in 2016 was one of the 12 businesses selected from more than 700 applications to take part in the second cohort of District Ventures, Arlene Dickenson’s Business Accelerator.

She is Chair of the Board for Food and Beverage Manitoba, Member of the International Business Steering/Advisory Committee with Red River College, Member of the Canadian Health Food Association and an active contributor to the food industry in Manitoba.  She is fluent in Italian, Spanish and French, lives in Winnipeg with her husband David, and 2 children, Giuliano and Olivia.

Alexandra Gomez

Owner/Operator of The UPS Store #431

Alexandra is the President of Alexandra X Gomez and Associates and the owner/operator of The UPS Store #431 since 2016.  She received her Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertising education at The University of Bogota, Columbia, South America.

Her philosophy on training and life long learning has not only enabled Alex to keep her company’s technology current and staff well trained; it has resulted in her store becoming the Training Centre for all UPS Franchises in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario.

Alex is currently a Board member of the Franchise Council Advisory Board and holds the position of Secretary. She is also sits as a Director on the Board of the Manitoba Print Industry Association.

Jennifer Sookram

VP of Operations

24-7 Intouch

Jenn’s more than 20 years career includes 17 years within the business process outsourcing industry, partnering with a variety of industries in multiple positions, consisting of operations leadership, workforce management, training, quality, and customer relationship management system support. Jenn strives to make a positive impact with the people, teams, and clients she collaborates with.

At 24-7 Intouch, Jenn provides leadership support to our contact center operations teams. She also partners with our support teams to deliver our clients’ visions and identify opportunities, while leveraging industry best practices towards an exceptional customer experience.

Jennifer Sookram Vice President of Operations, 24/7 In Touch
Raegan Ahlbaum Assistant Vice President Petline Operations, Petline Insurance
Sheri Banville Manager Business Process, Bell MTS
Deb Kocen Site Director/Senior Account Manager, Skybridge Americas
Pina Romolo Co-Founder, President and CEO, Piccola Cucina Inc.
Alexandra Gomez Owner/Operator of The UPS Store #431
Lila Larson President, Coaching Links Inc

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