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Buiding Better Supervisors

Coaching Workers to Peak Performance

Understand the attributes of being an effective coach and the process to coach employees to peak performance. Learn to establish performance benchmarks and the necessary supports that will help employees be clear about what is expected.

Decision Making
Examine the criteria for delegating decision making responsibilities and determine the degree to which others should be involved in decision making. Learn how to communicate decisions effectively to key stakeholders.

Introduction to Effective Communication
Learn how to articulate the importance of communicating in an accurate and concise manner and how to identify the elements in the communication process.

Facilitating Teamwork
Learn how to define the characteristic of a team and the benefit of creating cohesive teams. Be able to identify the stages of team development and use a three-stage process to resolve conflicts. Participants will also learn how to capitalize on the diversity among team members to enhance the team’s results.

Problem Solving
Learn to articulate the importance of knowing how to solve problems and use tools and strategies to solve workplace issues.

Qualities of an Effective Supervisor
You will be able to identify the key skills and attributes of an effective supervisor and be able to assess their strengths and areas that require development. Learn how to define employee engagement and identify strategies for enhancing it.

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