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Building Better Leaders

Qualities of an Effective Leader

Examine how key leadership skills and behaviours impact employees, customers and organizational results. Learn how to use leadership behaviour to build trust and begin crafting your leadership vision to inspire others.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Gain an understanding of emotional intelligence and assess your skills in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Through hands on activities develop self-control, adaptability, empathy and positive communication.

Setting Priorities
There is no arguing about the importance of effective time and task management. Learn how to incorporate new practices to manage your time such as prioritizing tasks, extending your planning horizon and maintaining your momentum.

Delegating Effectively
Achieve the benefits of effective delegation. Using the delegation process learn how to select and delegate tasks ensuring three key components are addressed. Identify and overcome barriers that have prevented you from delegating.

Managing Performance
Performance management helps employees meet individual, team and organizational goals. Learn strategies to effectively conduct phases of performance management including setting expectations, assessing performance and providing ongoing coaching and feedback.

Engaging Employees
Employee engagement impacts every aspect of an organization’s operations. Recognize signs of engagement and more importantly, disengagement. Learn the drivers and select strategies for increasing employee engagement and enablement.

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