Membership Needs Assessment - Results - Manitoba Customer Contact Association

Membership Needs Assessment - Results

In order to build on the continued relevance, longevity and sustainability of Manitoba Customer Contact Association (MCCA), the Needs Assessment project’s primary purpose was to gain a personalized understanding of the current perception of value members receive from their membership - to understand their collective understanding of the benefits of membership.  Not just “data” but the customer experience.  As well, a key area of importance of this initiative was to capture opinions on where the service gaps may be and to encourage a sharing of information on what improvements they would like to see.

March 2015 Report

MCCA Board of Directors and Staff would like to thank our members for their ongoing support and participation. MCCA exists to ensure the development and sustainability of a growing, healthy and dynamic industry. Our two strategic outcomes are:

  • Members have value-based activity and information relevant to their needs and;
  • Members are recognized for their contributions to the Industry.


The needs of our members are key to the success of MCCA and the Industry. MCCA continues to bridge the gap through: customized training solutions, on demand training, career awareness and skills assessment. As a collective group, we will use the results from the membership needs assessment as one important step (of many) in the pathway of increased collaboration within the customer enhancement community.


Yours truly,


Bruce Rose/MCCA Executive Director

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