INTERNATIONAL CONTACT CENTRE WEEK - Manitoba Customer Contact Association



September 10 – 17, 2015

Celebrate   Appreciate   Elevate

 International Contact Centre Week is:

  • your opportunity to recognize all the hard work and commitment put forth by employees at all levels;
  • a boost to your company’s morale;
  • your opportunity to celebrate the Contact Centre industry;
  • your time to evaluate excellence and team work; and
  • a great opportunity to go out in the community and raise funds for local charities and groups.

It’s a week about celebration, fun and recognition. It should not be a week that takes away from your business and the needs of the Centre, but one that supports the Centre and people within. It should not be costly or require a massive investment in resources. It’s about your people – your most valued asset.

Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of the week:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Involve everyone
  3. Post the schedule
  4. Invite staff to suggest ideas
  5. Look at what you can do to raise funds for charities
  6. Don’t try to do it alone – ask for help
  7. Take pictures, write stories about the fun and post them around your Centre
  8. Share your pictures and stories with MCCA

Noted below are some suggestions on activities that you might consider to help celebrate International Contact Centre Week:

  • How about some simple decorations to get things started. Colorful balloons and streamers can make a huge impact on our work environment
  • A list of possible activities for staff engagement:
    • Hat day
    • Backwards day
    • Pot luck lunch
    • Mini basketball shootout
    • Jazz up your headset day
    • Yoga class day
    • Appreciation breakfast
    • Crazy sock day                                                               
    • 70’s day
    • Karaoke competition
    • Internet scavenger hunt
    • Sports jersey day
    • Team theme day
  • A list of possible activities to help support your local community
    • Canned goods competition/drive
    • Charity car wash
    • Awareness day – pick a cause
    • Charity bazaar sale


What to do about prizes? You don’t always need money or gifts, sometimes a win and recognition for a win is worth its weight in gold! You can even offer perks to the winners such as having the boss make them coffee or tea for the day, preferred parking place or even a 10 pack of timbits. A quick trip on your lunch break to the local Dollar Store may suit your needs and budget as well!

Remember – celebrating International Contact Centre Week is your opportunity to rejoice, motivate and reward the important people in your Centre!

Special thanks to Customer Contact World and Top Place 2 Work for their ideas and suggestions.






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