From the Desk of the CEO, 2014 - Manitoba Customer Contact Association

From the Desk of the CEO, 2014

From the Desk of the CEO

Merry Christmas!

It is with mixed emotions that I offer these greetings, knowing this is my last Christmas with MCCA.  Of course I am equally excited about entering my next phase in life, which is retirement.  I have been working closely with the Board of Directors and MCCA staff to plan my retirement and successful succession for over a year now and will be leaving at the end of March 2015. Yes this will mean a change for MCCA, however, my philosophy has always been to see change as an opportunity.  This is an opportunity for MCCA to see things from a new perspective, to do things with a new creativity, and to challenge ourselves with other ways of doing things. 

MCCA has been making small changes over the past eighteen months to evolve the way we have been delivering member benefits, training and membership value.  We continue to listen to what our members ask for, as plans for the next fiscal year and for the future are put in place.  At the Round Table last week there were many suggestions and ideas presented as opportunities to assist members and these are being rolled up into our plans for 2015-2016.  MCCA Staff will continue to offer the same quality of training delivery, best practices and professional development that we always have. MCCA partnerships have been well developed and we will continue to create bridges between our members and these networks.  Please be reassured, MCCA is well positioned to manage change.  

There are a number of events coming up that we hope you will register to attend. Several best practice sessions, a lunch and learn and more. Please check our website often for details as we continue to add new events weekly. Feel free to pass this information along to all your team leaders and supervisors too. 

If you have not already found them, the photos taken at MECCA are available for download on our website multimedia page.   

“Tis the season” and Christmas is such a busy time of year, my wish for you is that you all find time for peace, hope and joy now and in new beginnings in 2015 and beyond!

Cheryl Barsalou, CEO MCCA

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