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When it comes to training, sometimes you just need it in bite-size pieces!  Our à la carte training allows you to personalize your training.  Explore our vast array of topics and feel free to stack a few sessions together to create a “double decker” package.  The best part is that you are building your own program in alignment with the goals and vision of your organization. 

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Building Trust Creating a Healthy Environment 
Customer Service Professional Delegation
Effective Communication Email Communication
Fishy Business Handling Difficult Customers
Navigating Conflict Negotiation
Performance Management Platinum Rule
Problem Solving and Decision Making Sales Professional
Telephone Etiquette

Time Management





For more information about any of these topics, contact Carmen at MCCA at ask@mcca.mb.ca or call 204-975-6467 to learn more.

Building Trust

We know that trust is fundamental to leadership.  Team members go above and beyond the call of duty for leaders they trust. In this session, we examine the power of trust and how to build it.  Understand the myths and realities of trust, the speed of trust, and assess your behaviours as a trustworthy person.  Learn how adopting the behaviours of high trust leaders will allow you to work as a team with less resistance.  Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust.

Creating a Healthy Environment

We know that happy employees create happy customers.  Providing the skills for work life balance and creating an environment that is safe, empowering, and satisfying will keep your staff happy, present, and engaged. We are thrilled to offer strategies for maintaining control through simple chair yoga exercises and mindful meditations.  

Customer Service Professional

We are passionate about customer service.  Our Customer Service Professional Training has been developed to provide the tools you need in customer facing roles.  This three part training looks at the role customer service providers have in delivering exceptional service, using emotional intelligence, savvy communication and in dealing with difficult customers.   Improve your business performance and sales revenue. 


Delegation is learning how to empower our employees by creating a course of continuous learning.  Examine how delegating creates trust, empowers your employees, and can lighten your load.  As a strong leader, delegating is a core concept to your success.  

Effective Communication

We know that high trust organizations have lower costs and higher productivity.  In order to build trust we need effective communication.  Expressing our wants, feelings, and opinions is just one part of communication; using active listening skills is another.  Learn how to be a savvy communicator while empowering the people in your organization.

Email Communication

Have you noticed that in this great epoch of technology and communication we are lacking communication and especially etiquette?  Learn tips and tricks on how to get what you need from your email conversations.  We provide the essential rules for more effective communication in your emails and texts.  “Are your elbows on the table?”

Fishy Business – Employee and Customer Engagement

Dive in with us and swim your way to higher retention and improved customer service excellence through these interactive and engaging sessions.  The FISH! Philosophy helps make the ordinary extraordinary through the practices of Choose Your Attitude, Play, Make Their Day, and Be There.

Handling Difficult Customers

Many of us deal with angry or unhappy clients.  Knowing how to deal with these difficult customers will put us at an advantage and help grow the business. In this workshop we highlight techniques on how to diffuse a situation and help your customers feel satisfied.

Navigating Conflict

Learn how to navigate turbulent times and explore the symptoms and causes of team conflict using social awareness and emotional intelligence.  Explore conflict management styles and learn how to strategically use theses styles.  “Peace is not the absence of conflict; it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” – Ronald Reagan


Negotiation is not something to be avoided or feared – it’s an everyday part of life.  Any time people are communicating and there are different goals in mind negotiation is happening.  Understand negotiation behaviours and learn strategies to create value in your interactions.

Performance Management

Your employees need to clearly understand what you expect of them.  Create an engaged workforce by helping employees meet organizational goals through performance expectations, coaching, and appraisals.  Define how you communicate work instructions, monitor progress, provide feedback, and guide employee career development in this program.

Platinum Rule

Most of us were taught the Golden Rule when we were young which states we should “Treat others the way we want to be treated”.  The only problem is that we don’t all want to be treated the same.  The Platinum Rule helps us to understand different communication styles so we can take our conversation to a higher level.  Learn strategies for creating clearer communication and how to handle those ‘difficult’ people while building trust.

Sales Professional

“Pssst. Wanna buy an Sssss?” We know that the keys to being a successful sales person is understand the customer, have great product knowledge, and be a savvy communicator.  In this 3 part series, learn the various approaches to selling, understand how connected our customers are, and overcome obstacles while building trust.

Telephone Etiquette

Increasingly business communications are done through chat, email, and text.  Your customers love to have options when it comes to contacting you and many still choose the telephone.  Having great telephone etiquette sets you apart and lets your customers know that they are heard.  In this session, we examine the techniques for great telephone communication including the importance of words, tone, and even body language.  

Time Management

It’s not just about time. Learn effective strategies for managing yourself better.  Understand the importance of priorities and structuring your task lists according to what is urgent and important.  

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